Eeufees Lodge and Conference

We Are a black owned entity established in 2007. Accommodation, Catering, Cleaning Service, Supply service are services we provide.

Eeufees Lodge and Conference will have continuously injected new life into the tourism and catering market. Our skills, industry insight, and a great market opportunity will allow Eeufees Lodge and Conference to continue being profitable. We pride ourselves as been an accommodation and catering company that serves the Bloemfontein market with creative, colourful, and unusual food options for all types of events and affordable accommodation.


We strive to consistently meet the standards set out by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa and continue to abide by the rules/regulations set out by the Free State Tourism Authority, Occupational Health and Safety and other relevant parties

We provide accommodation and catering for all types of events and functions, and we make sure to make each one as memorable as the client wants. We accommodate and cater to all people around the world. Our clients include various government departments, NGO, Societies and individuals throughout the free state and the rest of the world


We as Eeufees Lodge & Conference envision that the company will serve the community as one of the leading accommodation centres in South Africa, especially in the Free State. We envision that through the company many will be restored because of the job creation, as well as equipping our staff with the constant development of their skills.

Soon, we plan on having more events at the Lodge and ensure that Baby showers, Weddings, Birthdays parties, business conferences and conference in general our housed at the Lodge. Creating a safe space for customers to feel at home and make memories that will last them a lifetime